BMW F 850 GS Adventure

BMW F 850 GS Two cylinders with an adventure look

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure at EICMA 2018. MOTORRAD could now ride the adventure bike for the middle class. The stronger, taller BMW F 850 GS has already replaced the somewhat old-fashioned enduro traveler F 800 GS. For long-distance travellers, BMW is extending the new series in the familiar way with an adventure version. It celebrated its world premiere at EICMA in Milan.


Adventure with long-distance travel accessories as standard

In terms of drive technology, the two versions obviously do not match each other. Stay on the Adventure with the new 853-cubic-centimetre in-line twin with 95 HP and 92 Nm of torque. Only the starter and the alternator have been designed to be more robust. The Adventure also adopts the driving modes of the normal GS and the options available with it. The maximum speed is 197 km/h. The sprint time should be 3.8 seconds. Alternatively, the Adventure can also be ordered in a version with 48 HP and 63 Nm for beginners. World travellers will be delighted with the 90 HP variant with 86 Nm of torque, which is designed for normal petrol. The empty weight ready to drive should be 244 kilograms in both directions. The gross weight of the vehicle is 455 kilograms.

With a 23-litre tank over a range of 550 km

Differentiation takes place through new attachments. The BMW F 850 GS Adventure, for example, has a fuel tank that has been extended to 23 litres and which, with an average consumption of 4.1 litres, should allow distances of up to 550 kilometres. There are also adapted side panels. A larger, two-stage adjustable windscreen and hand protectors ensure greater protection against wind and weather. The wide enduro footplate, adjustable gear and foot brake levers, a 15 mm higher handlebar and engine protection bar, an oil pan protection and a stainless steel luggage rack complete the standard equipment of the new F 850 GS Adventure. In addition to a basic version, the new F 850 GS Adventure is also available in the Exclusive and Rally style versions.

BMW F 850 GS Adventure in the driving report

The ergonomics are good for off-road driving. How these technically quite manageable modifications affect the road and especially the terrain, we could now take a closer look at the presentation of driving in southern Spain: On a pleasant off-road tour from Malaga to Granada.

The ergonomics continue to offer enduro-style travel comfort on long trips with lots of space, although the higher handlebars may be too high for smaller riders in the long run when they are seated. On more rugged terrain, moving while standing, everything fits very well, your legs find a good grip on the tank flanks, your boots on the excellent grip pegs. The F 850 GS Adventure is not a lightweight either, but the harmonious balance and the pleasant way the machine uses its long suspension travel make travelling on gravel more fun. The fork and shock respond wonderfully smoothly, so the 850 remains very comfortable even off-road. Even on asphalt, the smaller 850 is the most comfortable bike in terms of chassis compared to the larger GS.

The twin lacks a full stroke

However, in terms of the engine, the gap with the 1250 is quite large. The parallel twin with crankshaft offset gained performance, ease of acceleration and character compared to its predecessor, the F 800 GS, but overall it is a very pleasant ride thanks to its clean throttle response and smooth engine operation. It leaves the big wheel, the tractor pull, the full stroke to its big sister. The 850 GS needs the first gear for the slow passages that the 1250 easily covers in second. But: The 850 has the best gearbox, the smoothest clutch. However, the shift assistant only works satisfactorily in the higher gears. The new 850 engine is not bad in itself, but in the same price range the others have more displacement and therefore more sovereignty.

The equipment has its price BMW F 850 GS

And if not? Apart from the large 23 litre tank, which of course allows for large ranges, which makes sense with a machine of this type with world travel requirements, everything is maintained to the usual good 850-GS standard. The usability and functionality of the connectivity display are excellent, as is the readability. The driving modes, some of which are subject to a surcharge, the ESA, which is subject to a surcharge, the many, mostly subject to surcharges for special equipment (heated grips, for example, or the excellent integrated navigation system) – all great, but not exactly cheap. Anyone who fully equips an 850 GS Adventure of this type quickly ends up in price regions previously reserved for “fat” GSs. For real-world travelers who don’t need the performance of the 1250 and who like to get around off-road, the 850 is especially thanks to the large 21-inch front wheel,

Have a lot of special equipment

Optionally, the BMW F 850 GS Adventure can be equipped with benches of different heights, a blipper, aluminium luggage racks, various panels, LED daytime running lights, additional LED headlights, a 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen with connectivity functions, upgrade to an HP sports muffler, the ESA electronic chassis, keyless driving or emergency eCall.

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