BMW 2 COUPÉ 2022 y BMW 2 Series Coupe were first tested

BMW 2 COUPÉ 2022. Several prototypes of the next-generation BMW 2 Series Coupe were first tested with espionage on public roads in Munich, Germany. One of them stopped to cheer and let our photographer get close enough to take some pictures of the interior. Although the exterior looks modern and high-tech, the entire cockpit design still uses the current Grand Coupe Series 2, although the two are based on different platforms, but we will present some.

A closer look reveals that the entire dash panel and all auxiliary equipment, including the infotainment system, digital dial, HVAC controls, ventilation holes, etc., are the same as those on the Series 2 GC. There appear to be no changes to the steering wheel or gear selector, the center console with two cup holders and storage boxes, and the door card.


Unlike the current Grand Coupe Series 2, which has a front-wheel drive structure and is shared with the X1 and X2 crossovers and Series 1 hatchbacks, the Series 2 Coupe 2022 will be based on the rear-wheel drive CLAR platform. This will make it compatible with a variety of propulsion systems, including small three-cylinder units, as well as four- and six-cylinder units, although the former will be far from the United States.

The strongest variant remains the M2 Coupé. It is understood to be equipped with the same engine as the X3 M and X4 M and the next M3 and M4. Please note that the 3.0-litre twin-turbo in-line six engine will be out of tune, bringing the power up to approximately 400 horsepower.

BMW is expected to launch the new 2-series coupe before the end of 2020, while the M2 could do so a year later.

A true representation of the 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe based on the latest spy photos

The Munich-based luxury car manufacturer is trying to keep the next BMW 2 Series Coupe 2022 a secret. This is a really difficult time: undisguised leaks from social networks. The working spy photographer also completed the job in this situation, so only natural CGI (computer generated images) wizards can use a lot of material.

We believe that this Bavarian car manufacturer should rush to work ahead of schedule and be ready to launch series 2 cars as much as they want; otherwise, nothing seems to be able to stop the flood of information related to the next generation G42. We’ve seen several representations based on spy photos and leaks, along with rear-wheel drive proportions covered in confusing camouflage packs.

The Russian friends at put two and two together and produced a batch of new representations for the BMW 2 Series 2022. Because they are based on real-life spy prototypes, the basic proportions and overall dimensions are completely accurate; only the design is left to the imagination of the artist.

However, the common style name corresponds to the previous work, so we can safely assume that the design is really fixed. Of course, you spend a little money to eat all this up; perhaps BMW still has a small advantage in its Bavarian poker sleeves, and it may surprise us.

Of course, this chapter is always subjective, just look at the storm caused by the arrival of the huge BMW 4 Series, so that we can get back to a more solid base by talking about technical specifications. The 2 Series Coupe is firmly fixed underneath the larger coupe and is not yet intended to adopt the front-wheel-drive platform of the 2 Series Active Tourer, Grand Tourer and Gran Coupe.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect to switch to the new architecture; the Series 3 CLAR platform seems to be the ideal choice. This may allow car manufacturers to install large in-line six-cylinder engines until the same engines we now see are transplanted under the hood of the BMW X3M and X4 M (and possibly within the M3 / M4 duo).

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