Audi A8 It is positioned in the market to compete with Mercedes-Benz

The Audi A8 is the top-of-the-line luxury car in the Audi car series. It is positioned in the market to compete with Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series. The Audi A8 is the first to use an all-aluminum bodywork, which is not only strong and durable, but also reduces the weight of the bodywork, giving the car a more powerful performance.

The Audi A8 currently has 4 models with 14 cylinders to choose from. They are equipped with 2.5L V6 FSI direct injection engine with reduced displacement of 2.8FSI; equipped with 3.0L V6 TFSI supercharged direct injection engine, with There are 7 models with two different power options; 3 models equipped with 4.0L V8 TFSI turbocharged direct injection engine and two models equipped with 6.3L FSI W12 engine.

  • Audi brand
  • Manufacturer Audi AG
  • Proposed price 87.1-264, 8 million
  • Model size o5267 mm × 1949 mm × 1460 mm
  • Fuel consumption 9.90-12.38L / 100km
  • Engine type V6 FSI / V6 TFSI / V8 TFSI / W12 FSI
  • Maximum speed 237-250 km / h Acceleration time 9.6-4.7 seconds (0-100 km / h) Path of the unit 4WD front / front drive
  • Braking method Ventilated discBody weight 1930-2185 kg
  • Distance between centres3122 millimetres
  • Trunk volume 510 litres
  • Fuel tank capacity 90 litres
  • Standard number of seats4
  • Genuine leather seat material
  • Body materialAll aluminum body


Featured configuration 1: ASF aluminum body frame structure

In the field of lightweight aluminum structures, Audi is a pioneer and technological leader. For over ten years, the Audi A8 third generation with ASF bodywork.

The lightweight aluminum design center has always played an important role in Audi’s achievements.

Featured configuration 2: Adaptive air suspension

The quadrangular air suspension system with continuously variable damping control completely resolves the conflict that has always existed between the superior handling characteristics of luxury cars and the comfort of the suspension.

Featured configuration 3: Adaptive Lighting and Daytime Running Lights

For the first time, LED daytime running lights are combined, which not only adds to the uniqueness of the car’s appearance, but also effectively improves safety. The LED daytime running lights automatically come on when the ignition is switched on.

Featured configuration 4: the world’s quietest cab

The new Audi A8L offers users the world’s quietest car cabin. With a more soundproofed engine compartment cover, front windshield glass and wheel eyebrows that optimize wind noise, the engine running noise of the new Audi A8L, road noise and environmental noise levels are all at the same vehicle level without increasing body weight. The minimum has been reached.

Featured configuration 5: Exclusive Audie custom interior package

In the new A8L, Audi offers users two customized interior bags, the exclusive Audiexclusive package and the exclusive Audiexclusive package, which are equipped with high-quality leather and uniquely styled wooden decorations to meet the growing custom needs of users.

Featured configuration 6: Audi Smart Chinese Voice Navigation System

The complete map library can meet the needs of users in different cities to the greatest extent possible.

Featured configuration 7: Audi ceramic brake disc (optional item)

Ceramic brake discs can effectively prevent thermal degradation and can be used continuously for 300,000 kilometers, which is 4 times longer than steel brake discs. It is 50% lighter than steel brake discs, making the vehicle more flexible.

Featured configuration 8: Adaptive air suspension system

Adaptive Air Suspension – A sports version, which includes adaptive shock absorbers and aluminum alloy chassis components, which are lighter, stronger and more flexible than ordinary air suspension.

Highlight configuration 9: Bang & Olufsen advanced sound system

Innovative design, advanced technology, the highest standards of materials and workmanship, these values also apply to Audi and Bang & Olufsen.

Together with Danish high-fidelity audio expert Bang & Olufsen, Audi has developed an audio system for the Audi A8L that redefines the benchmark in the luxury car class.

Sound System

Sound technology

An elegant form is an integral part of the sound experience: the sound system not only integrates perfectly into the dynamic and luxurious atmosphere, but also creates a unique visual effect. The sound system developed especially for the Audi A8L takes into account the specific acoustic characteristics of the car interior, such as space capacity, shape, material, engine noise, wind noise and road noise. The speaker grille is made from the anodized aluminum material used in the Audi A8L body.

The developers pay special attention to the calculation of the surround sound. Most sound sources (such as CD and DAB) have only two program-controlled (stereo) output channels; Audi A8L drivers can still enjoy surround sound when using these stereo sources. In addition, a dedicated driver program calculates five-channel surround signals and two-channel woofer signals.

Function of the sound system

The Bang & Olufsen premium sound system contains 14 speakers, each with one output level. Front car

Interior of the Audi A8

The doors are equipped with a two-channel speaker combination, including a 90 mm mid-range speaker and a 140 mm woofer. The tones are reproduced by two speakers with a 19 mm acoustic lens protruding from the dashboard. A 70 mm cone speaker serves as the centre speaker. Two-channel speaker combinations are installed in the rear doors, including a 130 mm woofer and a 25 mm tweeter. The bass is reproduced with a 200 mm subwoofer, which is installed under the rear window rack along with two 70 mm wideband speakers (for surround sound reproduction).

Acoustic lens technology


The front tweeter uses acoustic lens technology, which is one of the important components of the new sound system. When the sound system is on, two acoustic lens tweeters automatically protrude from the dashboard. Thanks to the precisely adjusted horizontal transmission, this tweeter ensures you can enjoy a penetrating sound in every seat. Here, the visual appeal of the shape design complements the acoustic appeal of the new Bang & Olufsen premium sound system.

Power amplifier

In the Bang & Olufsen premium sound system, the power of two speakers can reach over 1000 watts when needed. The high-performance amplifier has four 125-watt channels for the four woofers and a 250-watt amplifier for the subwoofer. The second amplifier (DSP) is responsible for signal processing and has 9 output stages (28 watts per stage) for surround speakers and tweeters.

Adjustable Suspension System

The suspension is electronically controlled, acts on all wheels and has a continuously adjustable damping system. It can enable a flexible and dynamic ride without affecting driving comfort.

We have sent the most demanding test drivers around the world. Test the effectiveness of the adjustable air suspension on the most challenging test track. From the high-speed circuit of Nardo, the ring road north of the Nurburgring, test drivers have been enthusiastic about this new technology right from the start.

Each air spring in the adjustable air suspension acts on one wheel individually, and the variable amount of air in the spring strut can change the spring’s stiffness or the height of the car’s chassis. When the vehicle is driving, this system determines the current driving status via sensors on the body and drive axle at any time. For example, when the car is driven on rough roads the shock absorption can be adjusted immediately. You can clearly feel its benefits at the first turn: the heel and the edge of the body are reduced to a minimum. The spring vibration and travel of this new suspension system are always maintained in the best condition, even on bumpy roads, the ride is very stable.

Second generation

The second generation Audi A8 (code name: A8 D3)


Compared to the square, atmospheric style of the old Audi A8, the appearance of the new Audi A8 adds many sporting elements, showing people a perfect combination of dynamics and luxury. The front end of the new Audi A8 still retains the dazzling shape of the classic Audi dual-grille headlights. The light tubes are arranged behind the transparent glass, which matches the radiator mask perfectly. The rear lights and indicators with light-emitting diode technology look elegant and advanced. . The full, smooth curve of the roof is easily reminiscent of the style of a two-door sports car and can lead the eye to the rear in a very natural way. The shortened rear of the car has a distinctly sporty look and is very dynamic from the side. The entire body of the new Audi a8 is slightly flat. The latest generation of all-aluminum body structure (ASF) was adopted to greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle, which not only improves safety, reduces fuel consumption, but also makes a further improvement in handling and driving comfort. It improves the selected proportions and the smooth surface with no seams or edges, even when it is static, always transmits a dynamic temperament.

The A8L 6.0 is a special model of the A8 series. It shortens the size of the front and rear suspension and lengthens the wheelbase. This design effectively increases the interior space and improves the ride comfort. It is these attractive appearances that distinguish this top product from other A8 series models equipped with V6 and V8 engines.

AUDI A8 Power plant

The most vivid feature of the new Audi A8 sports car is its engine, two powerful new generation V8 engines, a V6 engine and a W12 engine. Both V8 engines are equipped with variable length intake manifolds. It has a vital influence on the intake dynamics of the cylinder. The engine bracket is also made of fatigue resistant aluminum alloy. This effectively reduces the weight of the vehicle and saves fuel. The electronic fan cooling of the new Audi a8 can be independent of engine speed, so the engine is uniform under various conditions. Get reliable cooling. The A8 3.7 quattro can provide a maximum power of 206kw (6000 rpm) and a maximum torque of 360N-m (3750 rpm); the A8 4.2 quattro can provide a maximum power of 246kw (6500 rpm) with a maximum torque of 430N-m (3500 rpm). The W12 engine can generate 331 kilowatts (450 horsepower) and 580 Newton-meters of torque. Together with the quattro permanent four-wheel drive, the only quattro equipped in luxury cars, every movement of the Audi A8 contains extremely strong power.

The advantages of quattro all-wheel drive are not only reflected in wet and slippery roads and icy and snowy roads. Whether on curves or in a straight line, uphill or on the flat, it can automatically distribute the driving power of the engine to all four wheels at any time. This can increase traction and maximize the use of engine power, and the result is more dynamic and safe. In addition, the integrated 6-speed tiptronic manual/automatic transmission is also equipped for the first time in the new Audi a8. This new transmission is also equipped with a dynamic shift program (DSP) that continuously analyzes the vehicle’s driving style and road conditions and overcomes them at any time. The information determines the best time to change gear. The new Audi a8 can also be equipped with a leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel with two manual gearshift levers according to the car owner’s needs. With these two manually operated manual levers, you can feel the majesty of the new Audi a8 through your fingers.

AUDI A8 High-tech applications

In addition to adding dynamic features, electronic equipment is also one of the design approaches of the new Audi a8. The interactive multimedia system (mmi) is an exceptional revolutionary technology in the new Audi a8.

AUDI A8 Good image

The “4 circles” represent the high-end and luxury in the heart of the Chinese people, and the leadership position of their brand cannot be shaken. Audi a8 will face BMW 760Li , Mercedes-Benz s-class and volvo s80 challenges, etc., for a while, competition from the high-end luxury car market in daggers drawn.

Audi A8 won the fifth “European Auto Body Award 2003” from the European Auto Body Conference for its main achievements in the field of lightweight bodywork.

AUDI A8 Test drive experience

The battle between Germany’s top three car brands is not limited to Europe. In the Chinese market, this long-standing brand battle is equally fierce, but the situation is still different. As a result of seizing the opportunity, Audi has become the leader among the three major brands. In 2007, total sales of the Audi brand in China exceeded 100,000 at one time. Sales of all its series have increased, and market demand for the flagship A8 model is also growing rapidly. . To maintain the momentum, the A8 series was put on the Chinese market immediately after the facelift, and this 2.8FSI is a new face in the flagship team. Even if you have a deep impression of the Audi A8, it can be difficult to see the appearance of the new A8L. Audi’s engineers didn’t make a big deal out of it. They simply redesigned the front and rear lights and fog lights of the A8, and installed them in the front wing. The light bulb plate moves on both sides of the mirror.

The interior of the car has not changed significantly either. The interior of the Audi A8 is already a perfect combination of technology and luxury style. Even if no changes are made, this environment still seems to be completely advanced and does not seem to be old. However, there are also elegant trims. The aluminum engine start button is a new feature in the new A8L car. Although it’s just a trick to improve the technological atmosphere, it’s very eye-catching. The Audi music interface in the glove box can be connected to other audio players such as iPods and mobile storage devices, which is enough to replace the CD changer on the side. The front seats of the Audi A8L6.0W12 have left a deep impression on us, and here in the A8L2.8FSI, we again saw this powerful seat, the 12-position electric adjustment can give you the most desired package covering and supporting. The two rear seats can also be adjusted independently, and the right rear position shows the VIP treatment. The position of the front passenger seat can be adjusted via the button on the door. The MMI multimedia system is Audi’s response to the integrated operating interface. It will feel a little complicated when you start, but you will be able to get a rough idea of how to use it only after a while.

The sound system of the new A8L2.8FSI is worth mentioning. It uses the Danish Bang & Olufsen sound system. The car has 14 speakers and 14 dedicated amplifiers. The combined playback power of the entire system exceeds 1kW. Anyone sitting in the car The location can find immersive enjoyment like a theatre. In addition, the acoustic lens technology in the superior audio system has also been applied to the new A8L car audio system. This system can ensure that sound can be delivered within a 180° radius, completely eliminating the sense of direction often found in ordinary tweeters. When the system is started, two moving acoustic lenses will slowly rise from the A-pillars on both sides, reflecting a full sense of technology. The 2.8FSI engine is the first to appear in the A8. This V6 engine uses the AVS variable valve lift system, which can generate a maximum power of 154 kW and a maximum power of 280 N – m over a wide speed range of 3000 to 5000 r/min. Torque. In just 8.2 seconds, this A8L2.8FSI can accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h, and the maximum speed can reach 245 km / h.

With the help of advanced engine technology and lightweight body, the average fuel consumption of the new A8L2.8FSI is only 9.1L/100km, and its CO2 emissions are only 199g/km. This data also means that the A8L2.8 FSI has reached the same level. The cleanest gasoline limousine of the model. We are not familiar with the multitronic continuously variable transmission combined with the V6 engine. Also found in the A6L series. This transmission can also provide 7-speed manual mode and sport mode. Although it is a basic A8L model, the 2.8FSI also uses Audi’s all-aluminum ASF body structure. Compared to traditional car bodies, the ASF concept offers great potential for lightweight car bodies in the field of quality and safety. Without installing the doors, engine hood and rear box cover, the A8L weighs only 220 kg of bodywork, earning the crown in the same class. The direct benefit of the ASF aluminum body structure is the substantial reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, it greatly improves the safety performance of the entire vehicle. The A8L’s body has extremely high torsional rigidity, requiring up to 32000 N per rotation. ? m of torque and can change the energy absorption path after a collision, ensuring the integrity of the cabin and maximizing occupant protection. In the new Audi A8L, the ASF system perfectly meets the high standards of safety requirements with a very low vehicle weight through the use of an effective combination of forged and cast parts. Adaptive air suspension has become the standard configuration of the new Audi A8L. This electronically controlled air suspension system with continuously variable damping control completely solves the problem between the pursuit of excellent luxury car handling and high-speed driving comfort. Contradiction. From the data collected by the sensors, the computer can adjust each shock absorber in milliseconds according to the recognized speed of the vehicle, to always ensure the best handling and perfect driving comfort. Drivers can also freely choose from four preset driving modes: the air suspension can be adjusted from supersport to super comfortable and stable, and the height of the car will change accordingly.

AUDI A8 Performance

The all-aluminum (asphalt) body frame structure and the permanent four-wheel drive quattro are exclusive Audi technologies. Asf technology can reduce vehicle weight by 50 percent and increase strength by 60 percent. Quattro technology can improve the car’s roadability and stability. Audi with two “unique tricks” in an a8, can be called the pride of the luxury car team.

The new-generation Audi A8, which was just launched in the United States in early December, will be presented in China at the 2013 Beijing Auto Show, and this time the A8L will be presented with a longer wheelbase. The car will go on sale in China in the second half of this year. The headlights of the new A8L will have a full set of LED lights, and will have white and yellow light screens. The tail lights and tail design style will be similar to the new A4L, but more spacious.

The most vivid feature of the new Audi A8 sports car is its equipped engine, two powerful new-generation v8 engines, a v6 engine and a w12 engine. They retain all the advantages of the original A8 engine and all improvements can be made. Both v8 engines are equipped with variable length intake manifolds. It has a vital influence on the intake dynamics of the cylinder. The engine bracket is also made of fatigue resistant aluminium alloy. This effectively reduces the weight of the vehicle and saves fuel. The electronic fan cooling of the new Audi a8 can be independent of engine speed, so the engine can be obtained in various conditions. Reliable cooling. The A8 3.7 quattro can provide a maximum power of 206 kw (6000 r/min) and a maximum torque of 360 n – m (375 o/min); the a84.2 quattro can provide a maximum power of 246 kw (6500 r/min). The torque is 430 n – m (3500 r/min). The W12 engine has a capacity of 331 kilowatts (450 horsepower) and 580 Newton-meters of torque. Together with the quattro permanent four-wheel drive, which is the only limousine equipped, every movement of the new Audi A8 contains extremely powerful power. And the advantages of quattro four-wheel drive are not only reflected in driving on slippery roads and icy, snowy roads, whether turning or driving straight uphill or on flat ground, but it can automatically distribute the driving power of the engine to all four wheels at any time. This can be increased. Traction and maximum use of engine power means a more dynamic and safer drive.

The interior space of the new Audi A8 is very comfortable and its seats can meet the most demanding needs. It has a variety of luxury seats to choose from, such as sports cars and comfort. The comfortable seat is characterized by soft fabrics, while the sports car seat has side supports. The new Audi A8 is also equipped with a variety of luxury parquets for the interior: brown walnut grain, amber vavona, fine grain grey birch and fine grain beige birch. And there are high-quality leather skins, precious Will either leather or Al Kantor lift combinations, giving the car unique characteristics of the new Audi A8. The above enhancements bring sports car characteristics to the new Audi A8, but it doesn’t mean you’ll lose much of the fun of driving on complex roads. Audi’s unique new adjustable air suspension system can automatically adjust the vehicle’s height and suspension hardness according to road conditions, making it dynamic and comfortable. The driver can choose from four suspension styles: automatic, comfort, dynamic and lift. The automatic height adjustment device can guarantee that in any suspension mode, no matter how much the car is loaded, the body will be kept at a certain distance from the road surface. When the speed exceeds 120 km/h, the chassis will automatically lower to increase grip while still being able to reduce wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption. The new A8 l 6.0 uses an all-aluminium bodywork and its vehicle mass is 215 kg less than that of the a8 4.2 quattro, which is enough to prove the superiority of the aluminium bodywork.

In addition to adding dynamic features, electronic equipment is also one of the design approaches of the new Audi A8. The interactive multimedia system (mmi) is an exceptional revolutionary technology in the new Audi A8. The mmi installed in the center console consists of a simple and direct control unit. The terminal is connected to a 7-inch display screen and can be hidden under the dashboard when not needed. The system control is ergonomically designed to make passengers accessible from different locations. Through the terminal on the centre console, passengers can perform on-board entertainment (radio, CD and TV), communication (telephone), information (navigation and traffic information) and control (car settings and status information, basic entertainment settings) and other functions. Prepare. According to the technicians the electronically adjustable equipment in the new Audi a8 has more than 960 different settings. However, all the information on the new Audi a8 that entered the Chinese market this time is displayed in English and has not been Chineseized. The Chinese are slow to adapt. In addition to some of the major improvements mentioned, the new Audi a8 also adds many new configurations, such as: pneumatic front windshield wipers, illuminated door handles, front windshield heater, wireless car identification keys and solar panels. The sliding roof, luxurious 4-zone automatic air conditioning system, door storage box, interior floor and center console lighting. There is only one purpose for all the configurations, and that is to create a warm and comfortable driving environment for the passengers.

Throughout the high-end car market in China, Audi has always been a durable brand. For a long time, the “four circles” have represented high-end and luxury in the hearts of the Chinese, and their brand’s leading position cannot be altered. The Audi A8 will meet the challenges of the BMW 760li, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Volvo 80. For a while, the market for high-end luxury sedans will compete with each other. However, with the strong base of A6 and A4 previously established in China, along with its own continuous technological innovation, the new Audi a8 has shown a trend of “blue is better than blue,” brand awareness and Audi products over the years. The image of good reputation established in people’s hearts will be their weapon to win.

AUDI A8 Safety

The aluminum body of the new Audi A8L is based on the structure of the Audi ASF space frame, which reduces the weight of the steel body by 40%. The ASF body structure consists of castings, molded parts and thin aluminum plates, and its integrated B-pillar guide is made of ultra-high-strength steel hardened with plastic. The ultra-high hardness of the vehicle body obtained by this structure not only makes the control more accurate, but also greatly improves the safety performance of the entire vehicle. In the new Audi A8L, ASF perfectly meets the high safety standards with extremely low vehicle weight.

The Audi front warning system monitors the traffic conditions in front of the new Audi A8L and assists the driver in multiple stages. If the driver presses the brake pedal at this point, the brake assist system provides precise braking in accordance with the driving conditions of the preceding vehicle. If the driver still does not take the initiative to take action after the first two warning stages, the third stage, i.e. automatic partial braking, will intervene and the vehicle will be forced to brake, the windows and sunroof will be closed and the hazard warning lights will be switched on. When activated, the seat belt will also be adjusted.

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