Audi Q5 efficient power and sensitive handling

Audi Q5 is a dynamic and versatile SUV. With its excellent performance and technical advantages, Michelin Pilot Preceda PP2 high-performance sports tires have recently become the original tires for the high-end mid-size SUV Audi Q5. [1] 

The Audi Q5 perfectly combines the body design of a sports car , efficient power and sensitive handling, the off-road safety of an SUV, the Audi Q5 [2]  performance, and the excellent comfort and flexible interior space of a station wagon, continuing the third-generation top Many advantages of the SUV Audi Q7. The powerful green and efficient engine, quattro full-time four-wheel drive system and sensitive driving mechanism make it easy to move on road or off-road. In addition, the application of new technologies such as the 7-speed dual-clutch Stronic transmission and the “Audi [3]  driving mode option” once again interprets Audi’s brand concept of “breaking through technology and enlightening the future”.


Biggest disadvantage

The price is too high, after-sales maintenance is relatively inconvenient, and the cost is unreasonable; some netizens report the problem of burning oil. [4] 


FAW Audi Q5 [4] The  front face has a big mouth and has a personality, the overall shape is stylish and beautiful , and the body lines are smooth and smooth, which is mostly praised by netizens.


The overall driving space is spacious and practical, with plenty of leg and head space; the seat combination is flexible, the package is tight, and the comfort is good; the car has plenty of storage space and the trunk volume is large, which is convenient for storing large items.

Biggest advantage

Stylish and beautiful, flowing lines; interior work fine; the deployment of rich practical; space is spacious and practical; power and handling can be quite good.


FAW Audi Q5 has good handling performance and clear gears; rapid throttle response; sensitive brakes; high chassis and good passing performance; wide tires have good grip; off-road capabilities are relatively good; but some netizens report that the steering wheel is heavy and the tires are high-speed Problems such as high noise.


Equipped with a 2.0TFSI four-cylinder in-line engine, equipped with a 7-speed Stronic dual-clutch transmission, it has ample power output, smooth shifting, and faster speed. Netizens praised the feeling of pushing back.


The interior layout of the domestic Q5 is reasonable and concise, the configuration is rich and practical, and the sense of science and technology is strong; the car has fine workmanship and good materials.

Fuel consumption

FAW Audi Q5 has poor fuel economy and high fuel consumption.


Audi Q5 is a medium-sized SUV model developed based on the Audi A4 production platform . The stylish appearance of the Audi Q5 continues the design style of the Audi Q7. Audi’s signature chrome-plated “big grimace” demonstrates its stylish and dynamic design style. Its integrated headlights look more lively than A4 models . The rear design of the Audi Q5 combines the style of the Audi A3 sports version and the new A4. In terms of internal space, the Audi Q5 is slightly thinner than the Audi Q7 and can only accommodate 5 people. Audi Q5 is equipped with TorsenAWD system, which enables its four-wheel all-wheel drive to achieve a power division of 40/60. Its quite strong athletic ability can be seen from its towering suspension and corresponding aerodynamic package. In addition, Audi Q5 is also equipped with high-tech electronic equipment such as height-adjustable air suspension and downhill control system.

Satisfaction curve

From the appearance size, it can show its difference-Audi Q5 is 4.63 meters long, 1.88 meters wide, and only 1.65 meters high. The drag coefficient as low as 0.33 set the best record in the same class. All these make the Audi Q5 more sporty design features than any other cars in the same class. Audi Q5 has three different exterior designs: black (standard), contrast paint, and body paint of the same color. There are also two exterior bags to choose from. The “Sline Personalized Style Exterior Package” makes the sporty characteristics of this high-performance SUV fully displayed, while at the same time,

Space seat

Another “off-road style package” that includes underbody protection front and rear skirts and 19-inch wheels makes the Q5 particularly sturdy. Audi has repeatedly emphasized that the drag coefficient of Q5 has reached a satisfactory 0.33, which is the best in its class. This is of great help in effectively reducing the actual fuel consumption of Q5. After all, fuel consumption is currently the most important development obstacle for SUVs to overcome.

The greatest credit for obtaining such data comes from the optimized chassis design. Two plates are covered on the Q5 chassis to make the airflow under the car more efficient. This approach actually comes from a super sports car , but the original meaning is to increase the downforce . A smooth chassis can speed up the flow rate of the thorough airflow. In the formula, the downforce can be simply understood as the ratio of the upper and lower air velocity. Of course, this approach can also reduce air resistance to a certain extent, which is what Q5 values.

From A4

Audi Q5 comes from the new A4 platform, so in many ways it feels familiar with the new A4. Several new equipment that is proud of the new A4 are also available on the Q5. These equipment still have a strong appeal, such as ” DriveSelect” system, but obviously, it is not as amazing as it appeared on A4. There are many elements of Q5 styling from the new generation of Audi styling represented by A4 and A5, including LED headlights. However, Q5 comes from Q7 in the overall ratio, but it also adds the popular Coupe element under the traditional SUV ratio-a typical crossover approach.

The front axle of the front axle has been lengthened like the new A4, which makes the front ratio significantly increased. The same approach is also used for Mercedes-Benz GLK . On the other hand, the top line of the body reaches its highest point above the driver’s seat, and then begins to descend until the rear of the car. Of course, this decline is not as thorough as the BMW X6 , but it is also a typical crossover approach.

Safety performance

Audi Q5 will be equipped with An [5]  full driving assistance system and high-tech equipment derived from top luxury cars . Including Audi parking assist system with rear camera; Audi lane assist system, which is used to assist in maintaining the driving route; and Audi side assist system, which can warn the driver of dangerous lane changing behavior; adaptive cruise The control system can maintain the speed of the vehicle and the distance to the vehicle in front. The Audi Q5’s 2.81m long wheelbase is second to none in its class, and the spacious seating space is more than enough for five passengers. The seat is completely ergonomically designed and can be flexibly arranged. As long as you lightly touch the remote control handle in the luggage compartment, the rear seats will automatically fold forward, thereby increasing the luggage compartment volume from 540 liters

Central control area

Up to 1560 liters, and there is an additional storage space at the bottom of the suitcase. Optional items include luggage track fixtures, separation nets and protection slots. Audi Q5 can be described as a multi-faceted genius suitable for sports, leisure and home use. Customers can choose Audi’s enhanced rear seat configuration, which allows the rear seat to slide 100 mm longitudinally, thereby providing more spacious storage space. The standard configuration of the Audi Q5 includes multiple practical storage compartments, beverage/water cup holders, and power sockets.

The optional items include a heat-retaining beverage tray and a cleverly designed combination of storage devices under the passenger seat. The top safety performance device is an essential element of Audi products. For the front-row drivers and passengers, a new intelligent working method is adopted between the seat belt force limiter and the airbag. Most of the Audi Q5 body is made of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel. While reducing the weight of the vehicle, these materials enable the vehicle to have high collision safety, body rigidity and seismic performance, and the joint accuracy of the body appearance is still the industry benchmark.

Interior recommendations

Practical equipment oneSeat covers, cushions, and foot cushions. Fit your car with a set of cushions, cushions, seat covers, foot cushions [7]  , and floor rubber.The primary work of the Lord. Generally, the underside of the car seat is a kind of felt-like objects, which are laid out as a whole from the original car. Once there is dirt and dirt left on it, it is difficult to clean it. If floor glue is spread on it, cleaning is very convenient. Floor glue is generally divided into two types: hand-sewn and molded floor glue. The floor glue that works well by hand can effectively prevent dust and dirt from penetrating into the carpet, but the waterproof ability is less. All kinds of cotton lumbar cushions, wool cushions, and velvet foot cushions suitable for autumn and winter use on the market are already on the market.

Practical equipment two

As a tool for people’s outdoor activities, cars have a high probability of being exposed to strong light from the outside, and the time is particularly long, especially when the car is exposed to strong light, the human visual environment is destroyed, the eyes are hurt, and the driving safety is even endangered. . Therefore, it is recommended that new car owners choose the filter screen . Camelin can quickly change the brightness with the intensity of the light, it will be dark when the light is strong, and it will be bright when the light is weak, so as to weaken all kinds of strong light, and protect the eyes and face of people in the daytime. Under the illumination of the car headlights at night, it will not be excessively stimulated and hurt.

Practical equipment three

Anti-theft device and reversing radar have just bought a new car, and the most worrying problem is the safety of the car. First, vehicle anti-theft: Install an anti-theft device for your car. When buying, the owner should also pay attention to whether the anti-theft device has passed the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security and whether the product origin is indicated. Second, reversing safety: There are more and more cars, and the space for effective use is getting smaller and smaller. There are more and more new drivers and female drivers, and there are more scratches. Therefore, the installation of reversing radar has become a necessary safety equipment.

Advanced technology

Audi Q5 is also equipped with multiple sets of high-tech technologies, making the driving experience more attractive. As an option,”Audi Driving Mode Options” can control the operation of various technical components. Just by pressing a button, the driver can select three driving modes of the car through the system: Comfort mode, Auto mode and Dynamic mode. In addition, models equipped with the MMI system will provide personalized modes for the owner to set. The “Audi Driving Mode Option” can be provided with two innovative devices, one is the “Controllable Sports Suspension System” and the other is the “Audi Dynamic Steering System “.

The latter enables the steering ratio and steering assist to be steplessly changed according to the vehicle speed, making the steering lighter when parking, and more stable when driving at high speed. In an emergency, the steering system and the ESP system cooperate with each other, and with only a few adjustments, the crisis can be turned into safety. As a high-performance SUV, the Audi Q5 has extremely rich configurations, and a variety of high-tech module accessories provide powerful multimedia functions-including Bluetooth phones, DVD players , TV receivers, iPOD interfaces, and 8 speakers Top audio system from the top professional audio brand Bang&Olufsen in Denmark . The hard disk used by the system can also store music data in MP3 format.

Test drive experience

There is a word in English called ” Glassceiling “, which means “glass ceiling” in Chinese. What it means is that what you see is the best and it can be the best, but the ceiling is not open to you. It means that you will always miss the best. For a long time, Audi’s position among the German giants has always been like this. It is always the first to launch Mercedes-Benz and BMW before it is Audi’s turn to debut. However, the appearance of the new A4 breaks new ground for Audi, so how does the Q5 based on it perform?

Athletic ability

In the German luxury car camp, Mercedes-Benz emphasizes the comfort of riding, while BMW takes the lead in handling. So where will this new Audi extend its tentacles? From the perspective of the new A4, we can see that Audi is taking a balanced route. It not only requires more space and more comfort, but also achieves a better counterweight ratio through the redesign of the chassis. So, how about its athletic performance on this low Q5?

Audi Q5

Like any Audi car, the Q5’s power list also has a very rich power configuration. From the perspective of the gasoline engine configuration that may land in the Chinese market, the lowest-end is the direct-injection turbocharged 2.0T four-cylinder engine , followed closely. It is a 3.2-liter V6 model. In these two cars, we will see an efficient and smooth seven-speed dual- clutch Stronic transmission. However, if it is made in China, the chance of using a DSG transmission is not high. Should still be the traditional six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. The 3.2-liter FSIV6 model tested this time can output a maximum power of 270 horsepower and a maximum torque of 370 Nm.

The Q5 equipped with dual clutches basically does not feel any shift shock. This comfortable driving feeling is It’s like driving a CVT car, coupled with the company of panoramic sunroof, it is quite comfortable. But if you really need to feel its athletic ability, its quick response will tell you another advantage of DSG transmission . But to be honest, the low-to-medium rpm torque output of this engine is not as fast as the 3.5-liter V6 engine of the EX35 . Generally speaking, it should be considered enough, but it is not enough to talk about the power, so in comparison , Has a certain impact on its athletic ability.

In terms of acceleration time, the double-clutch version 3.2 model has an acceleration time of 6.8 seconds from 100 kilometers, which is not an advantage compared with its opponents. For example, the acceleration time from 100 kilometers for EX35 is 6.3 seconds, and the time for X3 is 7.2 seconds. However, Audi said that according to their test results, although the acceleration results are not satisfactory, the fuel consumption is relatively economical. The urban road conditions are about 12 liters, and the high-speed can be controlled at 10 fuels. Today, when the fuel is more expensive than gold, this 3.2 liters The engine’s fuel economy performance is remarkable.

Just a high-tech A4

Since the SUV switched from a non-load-bearing body to a load-bearing body, its main feature has been excellent passing performance. Only in recent years have SUVs that focus on handling have begun to appear one by one, such as the BMW X3 based on the 3-series chassis . The Q5 that debuted this time definitely belongs to the important occupants of this ranks. On the winding roads of Valencia, Spain, the excellent handling of the Q5 left us an excellent impression. And the proper width of the car body also makes us feel comfortable in traveling through medieval buildings.

Audi Q5

Although the Q5’s dexterous performance and agile reach is the first experience, if you regard it as an enhanced version of the new Audi A4, you will not be sighed at its performance. The same 2.8-meter wheelbase provides occupants with the same driving space as a B-class car, but its length is 132mm shorter than that of the A4, so the body is more compact. In short, there are too many similarities between Q5 and Audi A4, but the ground clearance has changed to 20 cm. Therefore, since it fully embodies the characteristics of the low body, it also provides a natural advantage for its excellent handling ability.
Of course, the DNA of Audi A4 alone is not enough to make this new car a success, because the market it faces is simply embarrassing. Not only the BMW X3 from hometown, the Mercedes-Benz GL -Class K, but also the high cost-effective products from Toyoren, such as Infiniti’s EX35 and Lexus RX350 . Of course, if we take into account the upcoming Volvo XC60 and is more interested in the field of competition LR2’s performance, if not a hard angle, it is absolutely hid array. So, how did Q5 prepare for these opponents? Although there are many opponents, the most important ones are BMW and Mercedes-Benz from hometown. In order to break their strength, the only thing they can do is to give more. Usually, the cheap interior design seen in these entry-level SUVs is absolutely absent on Q5. Open the door of this exquisite SUV, everything in the car can be described as “most”.

The highest quality plastic parts, the highest quality leather and solid wood, and the layout design of the control panel is also full of the original flavor of the Audi A4. The only difference is that on this Q5, we can also see a panoramic sunroof. Although there is no hope for the panoramic sunroof of the domestically produced Q5, the imported Q5 should not reduce this configuration.Audi Q5Although the space of Audi’s new A4 is enough to meet the comfort of front and rear occupants, the Q5 further expands this sense of space. In addition, all very sophisticated interior design and easier-to-use MMI system are also the relative advantages of this new car.

Even if it is not equipped with a panoramic sunroof , the driver’s cab of the Audi Q5 is absolutely spacious. Both the front row and the rear row have a good sense of space. In addition, its rear seats can also be adjusted front and rear. Therefore, the ride There is no doubt about Q5’s rear comfort. If you feel that this sentence is not painful, itchy or not, then we can be responsible for saying that the X3 and EX35’s rear seats cannot be compared. Although the Q5 is not as good as the X3 in terms of luggage volume, the luggage guide it is equipped with is very practical. Similarly, even if the seat is folded 40/60, the maximum luggage compartment volume is smaller than that of BMW’s similar cars.

Audi Q5 tires

In order to improve the handling of the car, the weight of this car has been strictly controlled. Its curb weight is about half a ton less than that of the Q7. It has been strictly reviewed in terms of materials and structure. In the corners, Q5 does not give people the feeling of aggressiveness, but a rational grasp. From this point of view, it is very different from the sharpness emphasized by X3 and EX35. Although the steering is very precise, it feels like everything is controlled by humans, as if it was a stone that was originally pressed, but after the adjustment by Audi engineers, it makes you feel like a beetle. In addition, even if the suspension selection system (ADS) is adjusted to be comfortable, it still feels stiff, which affects the driving comfort of the car to a certain extent.


Audi’s products have never been fierce, and seem to have corresponding technical support in dealing with all levels of demand. So while drivingotherAt the time, although it is also an entry-level luxury car that emphasizes handling, you will never feel its impetuous. The principle of the supremacy of reason is the biggest feature of Audi Sport performance.

To sum up

Obviously this is not an Audi that can completely surpass its opponents in any way, but Audi seems to continue its rational philosophy of the mean and push this balance to the extreme.Audi Q5 aggressiveIn terms of luxury, Audi Q5 is better than X3 and GLK, and it is more practical than EX35. In terms of price, according to its insiders, it will have a more obvious price advantage with its rivals. In short, although this may not be a broken car, it has made new efforts for its own building.

Brief introduction

Audi Q5 is equipped with three engines to choose from-a TFSI gasoline engine and two TDI diesel engines. The three engines all use direct fuel injection and turbocharging technology , with surging power, strong traction and quiet operation, and have excellent performance in energy saving.

TFSI details

Audi Q5 is equipped with a redesigned 2.0TFSI engine. This four-cylinder engine combines three top technologies- turbocharging , gasoline direct injection and AVS variable valve lift system. At only 1500 rpm, this engine can achieve a torque peak of 350 N·m, and continues to 4200 rpm, with a maximum power of 155 kilowatts (211 horsepower). The Audi Q52.0TFSI can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 7.2 seconds, the top speed can reach 222 km/h, and the average fuel consumption is only 8.5 liters/100 km. The 2.0TDI engine is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission . Both 3.0TDI and 2.0TFSI models use an innovative technology-the new 7-speed Stronic dual-clutch transmission.

This high-tech device can shift gears within a few hundredths of a second, while running smoothly and with the best work efficiency. The 7-speed Stronic transmission can be fully automatic or manually operated, and customers can also choose the paddle shift function on the steering wheel according to their needs. Like the best mid-level car in the eyes of professional media-the new generation Audi A4, the new Q5 has also reorganized the position of its transmission-the differential is placed in front of the clutch and immediately behind the engine. This solution greatly moves the front axle position forward, resulting in a longer wheelbase and a more ideal axle load distribution. This gives Audi Q5 unique advantages-stable driving, high comfort and exciting sports performance.

Drive technology

As a pioneer in all-wheel drive technology, Audi equipped the Q5 with the latest generation of quattro all -wheel drive system [8]  . This system distributes power between the front and rear axles in a ratio of 40:60 during normal operation-this emphasis on the distribution of rear power can improve driving pleasure. When needed, this drive system can transmit up to 65% of the torque to the front axle and can also transmit up to 85% of the torque to the rear wheels. The driving mechanism of the new Audi Q5 also highlights the sporty characteristics. The five-link front suspension and the trapezoidal-link rear suspension are mostly made of aluminum. The large braking device provides a good deceleration effect. The standard 17-inch wheels are cast from lightweight alloys and fitted with 235/65/17 tires. Audi can also provide up to 20 inches if required.

Detail appearance

The large-size alloy wheels are available as an option. The Audi Q5 drives with full power, precise and natural control, and outstanding safety performance. The newly developed new generation of ESP electronic stability system has been improved and added innovative functions. Through sensors, ESP can even sense the load of the roof rack (the roof load can reach up to 100 kg), then the ESP will take the previously recorded center of gravity parameters Increase the critical load value of ESP intervention will be adjusted accordingly. When there is no roof load, ESP will allow drivers to fully enjoy the handling potential of this Audi Q5. The new Audi Q5 is an all-purpose, all-road model.

The trailer load of up to 2 tons proves that it is the most powerful trailer and can achieve excellent driving performance even on rugged roads. The standard mountain road downhill assist system can automatically maintain the preset speed during the downhill process within 30 kilometers per hour, which can make the downhill safer.

The ESP function of the electronic stability system is a powerful assistant for off-road driving. ESP ensures that the vehicle reaches the maximum traction state when off-road, while ABS can automatically identify the road surface and select the best control strategy for sand, gravel or cobbled ground. The Audi Q5’s climbing ability is quite outstanding, reaching 31 degrees. Due to the short front suspension of the Q5, the approach angle reached 25 degrees, and due to the long wheelbase, the departure angle was 17.5 degrees. The Q5 has a ground clearance of up to 20 cm and can pass through water up to 50 cm deep.


In terms of appearance design, the Q5 hybrid version has not changed much. In addition to the newly designed wheels, it is also equipped with low rolling resistance tires. The cockpit is equipped with a newly designed instrument panel, which allows the driver to understand the working conditions of the hybrid system, such as the remaining power of the battery pack and the source of power. Due to the battery pack and battery pack cooling system at the rear, the luggage compartment volume is reduced to 480 liters.
The 2.0TFSI engine and electric motor of the Audi Q5 hybrid full-hybrid car are installed in-line and connected in parallel, forming a powerful hybrid powertrain, which can achieve a total system output of 180 kilowatts (245 horsepower) and 480 Nm The torque. Compared with the ordinary Q5 equipped with a 2.0TFSI engine of 155 kilowatts (211 horsepower), the parameters of the maximum torque of 350 Nm are greatly improved. This is the charm of the hybrid model, and the energy saving is more powerful.
The Q5 hybrid’s 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 7.1 seconds, while the 80-120 km/h mid-stage acceleration performance is 5 gears 5.9 seconds. The powerful power makes it reach a top speed of 225 km/h. Under normal driving conditions, the fuel consumption of the full-time four-wheel drive hybrid version of the Audi Q5 is less than 7.4 liters/100 kilometers. The Audi Q5 hybrid can recover electric energy when skidding and braking, while the gasoline engine and electric motor start at the same time to give maximum power at full throttle. But the Q5 hybrid can reach a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour when driven by electricity, which is very rare in the field of hybrid vehicles. [10] 

Audi Q5 Hybrid quattro

The Audi Q5 hybrid is based on the Audi Q5 TFSI version, so there is no obvious distinction in the overall shape. Before the Q5 hybrid, the Q5 imported into the country had two models, 3.2 sports version and off-road version. As the name suggests, S-Line and off-road packages were installed separately. At this test drive meeting, we also saw two kits, one is the same S-Line kit as the sports version, and the other is a normal body kit that is roughly the same as the domestic Q5. I believe the future sports version The kit may appear as an option.As an extension of the Q5 car series, the Q5 hybrid is not very ingenious. There are clear hybrid logos on the front fender and tailgate of the body. If you want to distinguish the Q5 hybrid at a glance, the change in the rim is more obvious.

The shape of 10-spoke rims is very “hybrid”, and many brands will adopt similar low-resistance rim styles when launching hybrid models.There is no essential change in the car. The shape and materials of the center console are exactly the same as those of the gasoline version of the Q5, which still reflects the refined and luxurious sense of Audi’s expertise. Careful observation revealed that the tachometer on the left side of the instrument panel was replaced by a power meter. The green part indicates that the matter is being driven by electricity or is energy-saving. If the pointer continues to rise, it means that the vehicle is mainly powered by gasoline at this time. When the pointer points to MAX and enough power is stored in the battery, the electric motor and the gasoline engine will generate power at the same time.

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