Toyota Aygo small car was developed jointly by Toyota Motor

The Toyota AYGO small car was developed jointly by Toyota Motor and the French company PSA Peugeot Citroen.


The front of the Toyota Aygo is simply a direct copy of the Yaris series of cars and looks very sharp. The side parts of the taillights that deliberately protrude are connected to the rear door handles. The round red taillights, along with the sturdy shape of the tail, look like an endless powerhouse. The body size is 3405 × 1615 × 1465 mm.


Inside, there is a speedometer under the three-spoke steering wheel, the red letters on a white background stimulate people’s vision, and the rev counter is arranged on the upper left side of the speedometer. The buttons on the centre console are arranged in four colours: black, red and silver. The small CD storage compartment can hold small items such as mobile phones. The wheels are designed near the four corners, so the space in the car is not too small.


Toyota Aygo offers both three-door and five-door models. In the power system configuration, Toyota Aygo provides a 1.0 litre three-cylinder VVTi petrol engine (maximum power output 68 PS) and a 1.4 litre HDi diesel engine (maximum power output 54 PS). These two engines were designed and supplied by Toyota and PSA Peugeot Citroen respectively.

Edición platino TOYOTA AYGO SMALL

Toyota launched a platinum equipped version of the Aygo model in 2009. This new model is based on Aygo +. The platinum version of the model has many luxury enhancements, including the use of leather and Alcantara fabric interiors, and a new 6-speaker audio system.
On the exterior, the Aygo Platinum Edition uses a new 14 inch alloy wheel and uses a crystal silver metallic paint finish. In terms of power, the Aygo Platinum Edition uses Toyota’s 1.0L VVT-I gasoline engine and is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission.
In terms of price, the Aygo Platinum version is priced at £8,995, which is approximately RMB 102,400. The car is currently available for reservation. In addition, you only need to pay another £380, you can get the Xtra Protection Pack, which includes the rear parking sensor and rear protective plate.

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