DAYANG RETRO TIANANG 200 For unknown reasons

DAYANG RETRO TIANANG 200 Por razones desconocidas, los fabricantes nacionales de motocicletas han introducido nuevos modelos en los últimos tiempos. Hubo una brisa primaveral en julio y Benali a principios de agosto. Recientemente, Dayang, un veterano fabricante nacional de motocicletas, tampoco ha podido resistir. Después del lanzamiento de la motocicleta V Rui, Dayang también ha aumentado su popularidad y sus modelos también han sido bien recibidos por muchos automóviles.

What I want to say today is that Dayang will be an entry-level retro road car among the three new cars to be introduced on the 18th of this month, the Tianang 200 retro model. At the moment, the official price of this model has not been announced. Fortunately, some information about the vehicle has been revealed. Let’s follow the editor to find out!

As a modern retro road car with fierce competition at this stage, the Dayang Tianang 200 model wants to take a share of the market. The competitive pressure is still relatively high. After all, the number of retro models of this type is still very large at this stage, especially the entry level. In terms of color combination, this car uses a full textured cement gray, which also highlights the retro atmosphere, and the surface of the soda is still very good.

In addition, the editor is still very surprised by the workmanship of this car, especially the rear wheels equipped with aluminum alloy rear forks, both in terms of texture and finesse, look very good, which can not help but make the editor regret the rapid improvement of domestic motorcycle manufacturing technology. In addition, other parts of this car are also made of a lot of aluminum alloy materials, which are highly textured in the sun.

In the body design, in order to better fit the retro elements, this car also uses spoked wheels at the front and rear. In addition to adding retro elements, the passability and climbing style are further enhanced. However, the exhaust style of this car is not in line with the style of a retro car. It looks more like a street sport car. If you switch to a stainless steel exhaust at all times, I think the car’s temperament and visual experience will be even better. Promote.


In terms of power, it naturally continues the previous Tianang 200 engine, but the actual displacement is only 189 cc, but all engine parts are imported, with a water-cooled four-valve design and a built-in balance shaft to match the international 6-speed transmission. Vibration control and power output, performance is still very good. According to official data, the maximum power of this car is 12.2 kW and the maximum torque is 15.8 Nm.


In addition to some official power parameters, Dayang tested this model before its debut, and the minimum total fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be controlled at 2.3 liters. The endurance is temporarily unknown, because the volume of the fuel tank has not been announced, but combined with the fuel economy performance, I think the endurance will be very good. Shock absorption is also the main stream with the front wheel reversed and the rear wheel in the middle. The factory setting is relatively comfortable and suitable for city driving.


Overall, in today’s market, the number of modern basic technology retro motorcycles is still very large, so the competitive pressure faced by this model today is also very great. To say that the highlight of this car is nothing more than the flat aluminium alloy rear fork and the improved workmanship of the entire vehicle. The performance and power parameter settings are the standards of the same level models at the current stage, and are at the level of saying high or low, not low . At present, the most expected price for this car should be its price. The publisher predicts that the price should be around 16,000 yuan. After all, it is equipped with front and rear disc brakes and antilock braking system for safety.


Finally, do you have anything else you’d like to say about the new Class 200 retro motorcycle technology that Dayang is about to introduce today? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss with domestic passengers!

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