YAMAHA MT-125 2020

Yamaha MT-125 2020 New 125 cc engine with variable valve technology

New YAMAHA MT-125 2020 125 cc engine with variable valve timing technology

  • Slip clutch implant
  • Three-eye LED headlights
  • High specification 41mm inverted front fork
  • New Deltabox frame and asymmetric rear swingarm in aluminium
  • 140 rear tyres
  • Radially mounted front brake calipers
  • Large diameter front brake disc 292 mm
  • Exquisite LCD instrument with negative display

An entry level 125CC tram can be assembled to such a degree, I can only admire the editor! The above configuration comes from the Yamaha MT-125 2020, a newly released iteration model.

YAMAHA MT-125 2020 models

The biggest change in the appearance of the previous generation is the shape of the headlights. The integrated headlights of the previous generation were replaced by three-eyed LED headlights, which look like the future Robocops, with a sense of technology and aggressiveness.

The MT-125 is equipped with a 124.7 cc, water-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-valve SOHC engine with a maximum output of 11 kW (15 hp). The 2020 model upgraded the engine, learned from the YZF-R125 mock-up race and introduced a variable valve train (VVA).

After the upgrade, the speed is below 7400 rpm, which can provide a smoother, wider range of torque output; above 7400 rpm, the low cam is shifted to the high cam and the valve timing is corrected to provide high-performance power output, 10,000 rpm (compared to the previous generation 1000 rpm) above maximum power. In short, the valve timing system allows the engine to deliver high performance at high rpm and ensures high torque at low rpm. In addition, an auxiliary slipper clutch is implemented, which greatly improves driving quality.

The body colour maintains the three main colours: ice silver grey, racing blue and pearl black, which is consistent with the MT-07, MT-09 and MT-10 big brothers. You can see from the exposed frame, the new headlights and the front fairing design that the MT-125 has been fully integrated into Yamaha’s MT family and has become a high-specification entry-level street car.

The bodywork has also been modified, the seat height and fuel tank capacity have been adjusted (10 litres, capacity reduced), the pedal position has been moved forward, the handlebar position has been raised and the driving position has been made completely upright. Because the fuel tank is smaller and fits perfectly with the integrated seat, the rider can control the body more freely and flexibly when braking or turning, and at the same time comfort is effectively improved.

The new LCD instrument with negative screen, which is easy to read and has a more refined look, has been replaced. It displays all vehicle information, such as digital speed, bar speed, size and mileage, remaining fuel mileage, clock, instant and average fuel consumption and average speed.

Models 2020

YAMAHA MT-125 2020

Equipped with a high-specification 41 mm inverted front fork with 130 mm stroke, performance is comparable to many large-displacement models. The front brake adopts radial-mount calipers with single large-diameter 292mm disc, which is similar to the specifications of large-displacement models. The braking performance is evident.

The new Deltabox frame and asymmetric rear rocker arm made of aluminum, 1325mm wheelbase, 30mm smaller than the previous model, and improved steering geometry, make the handling more sporty and agile. After that, the rocker arm can be combined with wide 140-type rear tyres.

The MT-125 2020 will go on sale in December 2019. The price will be announced in due course.

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