Yamaha XT H2O Virtual stew with water vapour motorcycle

YAMAHA XT H2O Virtual stew with water vapour. Maxime Lefebvre es diseñador de motocicletas. Para una tesis, diseñó una Yamaha XT 500 moderna en 2016, que funciona con agua pura. El francés Lefebvre es diseñador y ya ha trabajado en la industria de los vehículos de dos ruedas para Peugeot y Yamaha. Actualmente trabaja en Kiska-Design, donde también crea el diseño de las motocicletas KTM actuales. Durante su tiempo en Yamaha, con el apoyo del departamento de diseño japonés, dibujó un concepto futurista para una nueva Y amaha XT 500 para su tesis.

The XT 500 was simple but robustly built, dominated both the asphalt under its wheels and the easy terrain and was relatively lightweight. The same lightness and versatility should also characterise the design of the Yamaha XT H2O. Its appearance is correspondingly minimalist.

Water pressure as a unit


The front wheel is guided by a fork according to the Hossack principle, the rear wheel is connected to a single-sided swing arm. Both rims are transparent. The disc brakes are used for deceleration: double at the front and single at the rear. The central element of the XT H2O is the water motor suspended in an L-shaped frame, which is similar in design to a forward-sloping V2. In this, pure water is kept in circulation by a pump. The exact operating principle remains in the dark. But its respect for the environment is beyond doubt. What is clear, however, is that the power is also transmitted to the rear wheel through the water pressure.


A real successor to the XT 500 is long overdue. And if it could only run on water in an environmentally friendly way, it would be a real hammer. So far, it’s just a designer’s dream.

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